Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mill Creek Farm

What do you do on a Saturday in Alachua? Go to the horse farm, of course! I love, love, love this place! It is owned and managed by a very sweet British couple (Mr. and Mrs. Gregory) and many generous volunteers help provide care for the horses. The Gregories take in horses that have been abused, neglected, retired from police work, or are just unwanted. The farm is also home to several dogs. Amelia loves running around saying "horse" or "dog, ruff-ruff" repeatedly. 

They are very eager when it comes to getting carrots!

The Belgian. His name is Zeus and he is my favorite. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Fun

Geoff and I were invited to chaperone a Single's Ward Halloween dance on Friday. We were looking forward to it all week. We claim bragging rights for starting the party, and for dancing for two and a half hours straight! Characters from the show Parks & Recreation inspired our costumes. I was Leslie Knope and Geoff was Bert Macklin. We saw a lot of fun and creative costumes throughout the night.

Fork in the road...I love it!

My refueling station

On the left, a wonderful mom, on the right, a Gentlemen Bronco's tribute

BYU student. 

I had to take a few minutes to stretch. Didn't want to pull a muscle with my sweet moves.

The guy from Napolean Dynamite and The Price is Right contestant!
And the next night was Trunk or Treat. I couldn't wear the same thing two nights in a row so I decided to be Rosie the Riveter at the last minute. Amelia was a scare crow.

A pinata!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alligator Warrior Festival

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Alligator Warrior Festival at one of our favorite places, O'Leno State Park. The festival, unfortunately, doesn't include any gator wrastlin'. However, it does celebrate some local history. There is a battle reenactment between the Seminoles (led by the fearless Alligator Warrior) and the U.S. settlers. We didn't stay for the battle but we saw and learned a lot of cool things.

We learned lots of cool things about the star shaped fire. It's easy to cook on, produces relatively little smoke (great if you're trying to keep a low profile), and is laid out according to a compass. If you get separated from your party they'll lay a stick next to one of the logs to indicate which direction they're travelling in.

Soap berries, all natural laundry detergent

White acorn meal was used to supplement flour

Cat Tail fluff was used as a filling for diapers

Rope made from moss and palm fibers

A shell phone (haha! get it?)

Conquistador weapons demo

My favorite part of the day was finding out that beauty berries are edible! I always thought you'd get really sick or die if you ate just one, but one of the reenactors told us you can eat them raw or make jelly or cobbler with them. The leaves also contain oils that repel mosquitoes. 

She was thrilled to pieces over this drum!